About Me

I'm a photographer based around London & South East, building a business to create photographic art for the automotive sector. Whether the subject is your pride & joy in the garage or studio, or your team's car on the track, I work to create the memorable images that you will love. Motorsport and cars in general have been a massive part of my life, being the trigger for most of my hobbies and early career choices.

When I first started getting serious about photography it was to head to SIlverstone for F1 testing and try to get a good shot. This was back in the age of fully manual film SLRs, so I wouldn't have any idea at the time if I was getting it right, as I'd have to wait for the films to be processed. My other interests have all been in the arena of technology and computing, but the motive has always been motorsport - simulation in this case. My early career was as an engineer in the automotive sector, part of a world class product development team as the passion for all types of cars influenced my early career direction.

Since jumping onboard the digital photography train, the combination of my photography and automotive passions have once again combined as I work to bring you the unique, iconic images of your vehicle, whether it has two wheels, four or more. It doesn't even need to have an engine. I've covered multiple long distance cycle rides and am experienced in the planning and logistics necessary to capture all of the riders over the entire course. My passion for photography takes me to other genres as I strive to provide a well rounded service. Keep an eye on my blog to see what other photographic missions I'm undertaking and please get in touch about anything you see that takes your interest.

Photography Rates:

1/2 Day £300 (8am-12pm or 1pm-5pm)

Full Day £500 (8am - 5pm or 9am-6pm)

Feel free to contact me via any of the following methods:

Tel: +44 07971 4523428

email: info@david-cane.com

twitter: www.twitter.com/davidcane

instagram: www.instagram.com/davidcane_photo

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